Размораживатели клеток автоматические (оттаиватели)

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ThawSTAR автоматизированная система оттаивания решает последний пробел в рабочем процессе клеточной криоконсервации – размораживании клеток. ThawSTAR является альтернативой общепринятых методов оттаивания клеток в криопробирках, таких как водяная баня или разогрева пробирок в руках - методов, которые не стандартизированы и потенциально ставят под угрозу целостность и сохранность образца. ThawSTAR обеспечивает быстрое, последовательное и воспроизводимое оттаивание.

  • запатентованная STAR технология включает несколько механизмов детекции температуры пробирки, начала изменения фаз и завершения оттаивания;
  • высокая воспроизводимость – температурные профили повторяют профили, полученные при оттаивании в водяной бане, без колебаний и риска заражения;
  • идеально подходит для оттаивания клеток или других биообъектов;
  • работает с криопробирками из морозильника (-80 °C) или крирхранилища с LN2;
  • конечная температура образца в диапазоне 0-5 °C;
  • формат криопробирок – 1,8 или 2,0 мл, диаметр 12,5 мм;
  • время оттаивания – 2-3 минуты;
  • пробирка приподнимается после завершения цикла оттаивания для легкого удаления;
  • габариты (В х Диаметр), см – 14,6 x 11,0.

Видео о ThawSTAR:

Подробнее о ThawSTAR, профили оттаивания, диаграммы сравнения в брошюре >>> скачать

ThawSTAR Reproducibility

ThawSTAR thawing system shows identical thaw profiles over five consecutive cycles, and superior performance compared with communal water baths.

37°C Water Bath:
ThawSTAR Thawing System:

Thermal profile mirrors water bath thaw. Thermocouples were placed in 2.0mL cryogenic vials containing 1.0mL of water, and frozen with CoolCell cell freezing containers. Upon completion, a vial was transferred directly into a 37°C water bath or ThawSTAR system, and the temperature rate and profile was observed over 3 minutes. This experiment was repeated 5 consecutive times and temperature profiles were recorded.

Highly reproducibility thawing. Repeated thaws were conducted using the same ThawSTAR unit on different days, and different ThawSTAR units on the same day to test for consistency and reproducibility. No significant differences in thaw times were observed in either scenario, demonstrating highl unit-to-unit and run-to-run reproducibility.

ThawSTAR Performance Data

Customer data confirms performance equivalency in both cell counts and viability compared to current methods while eliminating operator subjectivity and the possibility of contamination due to communal water baths.

K562 cell line. After LN2 storage, 3 vials were thawed via the conventional water bath and ThawSTAR automated system. Cell counts and viability were measured immediately post-thaw (Day 1) and after 3 days growth (Day 3). The ThawSTAR method shows equivalent cell counts and viability to current methods.

- Data generated by MD Anderson Cancer Center

PBMC. After long term LN2 storage, 3 vials were thawed via the conventional water bath and ThawSTAR automated system. Cell counts and viability were measured immediately post-thaw (Day 1) and after 3 days growth (Day 3). ThawSTAR showed equivalent percent recovery with lower variation vial-to-vial and equivalent viability.

- Data generated by Blood Systems Research Institute

Customer Testimonials

“…Our GMP protocols call for thawing of cells every 60 days from a Master Bank. Use of a water bath within a GMP facility is highly discouraged due to contamination concerns. If one is employed, it must be thoroughly emptied ad cleaned after every single use. Incorporation of a ThawSTAR thawing system into our protocols allows us to streamline our workflow, recognize time savings, and enforce sterile operating conditions.”

- Helen Huls, Laboratory Manager in Pediatrics Research
MD Anderson Cancer Center

“…BioCision is a very innovative company and once we heard about the new cell thawer, we were really eager to try it out for thawing PBMCs from our viral repository. When using a water bath to thaw there is always a risk of contamination, and we were keen to have a more reproducible cell thawing method. The ThawSTAR solves all of our concerns and we can even use it in the hood which improves our cryopreservation workflow.”

- Dr. Mars Stone, Viral Reference Lab and Repository Core
Blood Systems Research Institute

ThawSTAR system is for laboratory use only. Any intended use for diagnostic purposes, direct transfusion, or in the production of therapeutic product(s) or vaccines(s) may require advance regulatory clearance which is the sole responsibility of the user, as this is not a medical device that has undergone medical device registration, clearance, or approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European Union, Health Canada, or the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. Investigational Device: Limited by Federal Law (United States) to Investigational Use Only.

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